This year featuring Emelie & Rebecka Decavita
and Kamile Pundziute & Mindaugas Bikauskas

about Hanse Hop

Hanse Hop set its sails in 2009. At that time we had the wish to invite international Lindy Hop trainers to Hamburg more often. Thinking about how a new workshop in Hamburg should be like, we decided us for a quite contrasting workshop concept compared to the other regular workshops in Hamburg.

Since then Hanse Hop has taken place on irregular basis - whenever we felt the energy to organize or thought that it’s time again. One of the main ideas behind Hanse Hop is to put the focus on intensive training in a more familiar atmosphere rather than having a huge, perfectly arranged event. The number of attendants is strictly limited as there are only two trainer couples teaching two tracks of manageable size.

This workshop appeals to dedicated intermediate and advanced dancers who are eager to learn and seriously want to work on their techniques, dancing skills, musicality and fun in dancing as well as dancers who might already have started to share their enthusiasm for Lindy Hop by teaching other people.

There will be exhausting and inspiring 8 hours of class – 4 hours with each of the trainer couples. The trainer have the time to intensively work with the groups and take their time for individual feedback whenever necessary. We’re looking back on a varying line up for every Hanse Hop so far and there are still plenty of trainer couples we’d love to invite to teach. We also try to present at least one teacher couple who has not been to Hamburg before, so stay curious in case you haven’t met the teachers before.